The Outfield In Studio, to Release New Album 'This Year'

by Matthew C. Miller on Sep 20, 2010 at 7:05 PM
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The Outfield on

That great "one hit wonder," The Outfield, from the 80's just will not die. They are back at it with their latest, self-produced and self-funded album due to hit the waves this year.

The band that brought you hits such as "Your Love," "Say it Isn't So," and "Since You've Been Gone," to name a few. Those names don't sound familiar? Trust us, you've heard the songs.

Either in Movies, TV Shows, Radio or on the net, The Outfield have some of the best remembered and most often played power pop songs the 80's (and later) ever produced.

Citing difficulties with labels not recouping expenses on recording costs, due to piracy, The Outfield has elected to record this next album on their own, covering 100% of the costs themselves. Counting on the fans to come through in the next inning and pull them out from the bottom won't be hard to do as The Outfield have legions of loyal fans that are sure to help out.

The last word was that the album would be out this year. The band have posted some videos from the studio showing the drum tracking. Typically drums and bass are done first, but since the original drummer, Alan Jackman, returned to the group late, they've done the unconventional thing and are recording the drums last.

From what R&R has heard it is going to be a great album and we hope to see it at retailers soon.


The Outfield - Drum Tracking - Video


The Outfield - "Your Love" - Video


The Outfield - "Since You've Been Gone" - Video


The Outfield - "Say It Isn't So" - Video


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